Monday, March 23, 2009

Mommy Loves Me & I Love Squash!

This is Graham the 1st time that he tried baby food.  As you can see, he greatly enjoyed his butternut squash!

Goodbye To Our Friend Seymour

As most of you know, our pug, Seymour, was put to sleep a couple weeks ago.  He had Pug Dog Encephilitis & it caused horrible seizures in him.  After a week's stay in the ICU & days of successive seizures he went to be with God.  George especially has taken his passing very hard.  We created a scrapbook of his memories of Seymour over the weekend, buried his collar under an azalea that the twins picked out, & put a clay impression of his paw on their bookcase.  Tomorrow I am going to pick his ashes up from the vet & we will scatter them in the lake in our backyard that Seymour used to like to swim in.  It would make me so mad when he would crawl out of that lake covered in slime & stinking like lake water.  Now it's kinda nice to think of him out there always near the boys. While making the scrapbook I came across some pictures of Seymour I had forgotten about.  I thought I'd share them as a goodbye to our friend.

This is Seymour with each of the twins the day we brought him home.  They were 4.  He was 6 weeks old.  Look how little all 3 of them were.

This is the picture George took for Show & Tell on the 1st day of 1st grade.  He was so proud of his dog & thought that a picture of his best friend best described him to his new class.  The caption read "My dog, Seymour, is a Pug!"  Seymour was very popular at school & attended two Blessing of the Animal ceremonies & made a live appearance in Kindergarten for Show & Tell.

Seymour "The Pug" Nassif:  9/3/06 - 3/5/09 ~ Forever loved