Sunday, January 24, 2010

His Boots Were Made For Walkin'

So my baby is finally, FINALLY, walking and he is everywhere! I'm not even sure how to put into words what it was like to see him take his first steps. I cried when he did it. We were at physical therapy, where his therapist, Gala, had been treating him every week for 6 months. He let go of her hands and stumbled unsteadily forward through his own will. When he toppled over 3 steps later Gala & I both cheered like we had won the lottery and tears started to run down my cheeks. Then, because she's a mom & understood that this was the moment I had lived for since his doctors first told me that he wouldn't walk until at least 2 and could have long term delays, she coaxed him into doing it again so I could video it with my cell phone. Now that he is primarily walking to get around our days at physical therapy are numbered. It's bittersweet because on the one hand this is my everyday miracle and I feel like the weight of the world has lifted itself from my shoulders. But on the other hand it means saying goodbye to Gala, who has held my hand and Grahams through our fears, our uncertainties, and our triumphs. She has worried and celebrated with us and been positive the whole way. How do you thank the person who gave your son freedom? It's probably not adequate, but if you are me you never forget them and you use paper and glue to help them remember that. Being the stalker-razzi mom that I am, I had my camera in hand the 1st time Graham was able to go outside and play by himself. He didn't need any one to carry him or play for him while he watched, and I captured some unforgettable moments of him discovering the world for himself. With a lot of love and some patience I put together a scrapbook page and framed it for Gala. I hope that she will put it in her office and on days that are harder with patients that don't have as encouraging of a prognosis as Graham she can look at it and remember what a difference she makes for those kids and that as the quote beneath Graham's pictures says, "Through Him all things are possible...".

Thursday, January 21, 2010

This Picture Is For You, Carrie.

He looks a little different than in the pool, huh?:)

I'm Baaaack!!!

It's been a while, hasn't it? No, I did not die, move to Europe, or get taken hostage by insurgents. I've just been really, REALLY busy, and that sadly is an understatement. For the last year I've been on a rollercoaster of doctors, therapy 5 days a week, dealing with learning disabilities, volunteering with Junior League, and generally being Super Woman.

Since I've posted last...
Graham has been diagnosed with Hemophilia, done more therapy than any child on Earth, caught up on all of his developmental milestones (including walking!!! OMG, he's EVERYWHERE!), proven himself to be smarter than the average bear, and although it didn't seem possible become even cuter than ever!

Owen has been diagnosed with Dyslexia after long time struggles in school. I've decided to take on that challenge with a can-do "better abled" attitude instead of viewing it as a disability and Owen has happily joined my in that attitude. We've made some accomodations at school and he is improving steadily. I'm so proud of how hard he is working. He has come out of his shell and is quite popular at school now and has really taken on the role of "big brother". He is so great with Graham and they are best buds.

George has been chugging right along being his smart high achieving self. 2nd grade is going great for him and he is excelling. He has become some what of a star on his soccer team (they went undefeated!) and is learning to play tennis.

It's hard to believe I have 2nd graders!!! I miss my babies and love my little men at the same time.

So that's my quick update for now. I'm hoping to pop in and update more often and post some updated pictures soon. TTFN (ta-ta for now)!