Monday, March 14, 2011

A Random Post

I am super great at keeping the blog updated (eye roll). A lot has happened since I last updated. Probably the biggest thing is finally giving birth to our little princess, Elia, with no epidural and no doctor. Yep, you read that right. It was a fun time for all involved. If you ever have a loved one in labor and hear a "code blue" announced I would suggest bringing an extra special gift when you visit the new mom. Vodka, perhaps. Trust me, she needs it. Elia has truly been a blessing, though. She's incredibly sweet and such an easy baby. She smiles non-stop and flirts with every person who looks at her and in turn everyone falls instantly in love with her.

We just returned from a Mardi Gras vacation to Disney World. When I was booking it a week at Disney with 4 kids spread out over a decade seemed like a good plan. Once reality set in on about day 2 of our vacation I realized that in fact I was out of my mind. It was definitely a challenge to pull off. Mixed in with our magical experience there was laughter, tears, grumpiness, and vomit. Graham spent the last night of the trip throwing up all over me all night thanks to a stomach virus, which of course I promptly caught. The kids still report that they "had a fun time", though, and it was definitely a trip I won't ever forget.

Since it's mostly what this blog is about, I'd like to take a moment to brag on 2 of my boys. Both of the twins have made the honor roll all year so far. This 9 weeks George has straight A's!!! I'm so proud of them both. They are rocking 3rd grade. Another point in favor of nurture in the nature vs. nurture debate- they obviously get their intelligence from me :).

In closing here's a couple new pictures of the kiddies:

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